Texas IRS/Practitioners Committee



Mission Statement

The mission of the Texas IRS/Practitioner Liaison Committee (Committee) is to improve working relationships between the IRS and tax practitioners. The Committee shall offer a forum where tax professionals and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can raise tax related issues and/or concerns that can be resolved through joint efforts. This includes dealing with the professional responsibilities of both practitioners and IRS.




1.   Stakeholder Liaison will coordinate attendance by representatives from the other IRS functions as appropriate. Functions represented may vary from meeting to meeting.


2.   Practitioner members will be nominated by the practitioner organizations. The committee shall be comprised of no more than 2 representatives from each practitioner organization. Practitioner members should ensure that there is at least 1 representative at each meeting.


3.   All members shall serve without compensation.




1.    The Committee shall meet biannually.


2.    Meetings shall be conducted by the Chair and Co-Chair. Stakeholder Liaison will serve as the Chair. A practitioner will serve as Co-Chair and be selected annually by the majority of practitioner representatives.


3.    The final agenda item at each meeting shall be the solicitation of agenda topics for the next meeting.


Operating Principles


1.   The Committee is a professional exchange organization for the improvement of the Federal tax laws.


2.   IRS Committee members will provide information about IRS Policies, practices and procedures to ensure compliance with the tax laws.


3.   Practitioner Committee members shall solicit comments from the tax practitioner community as to problems being encountered with the IRS.


4.   The Committee members commit to share the information with the other members of their respective organizations.